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Chihua (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

We are experienced electronic technology company focusing on branded integrated circuits from various countries. Our products are widely used in communications, instruments, audio and video, data collection and other fields, and we have extensive experience in power systems, communications equipment, tax control equipment, etc. We provide world-renowned OEM, OBM, and ODM joint procurement channels to ensure that all types of electronic components in short supply are delivered within three to four days. We also provide solutions for discontinued and unpopular electronic products, and jointly purchase through many well-known global platforms to help customers complete difficult procurement needs. In addition, we provide global multi-point procurement and JIT delivery to reduce procurement costs and improve liquidity. We also provide supporting bill of materials and one-stop supply of small batches, allowing customers to reduce communication, logistics and labor costs during procurement and ensure delivery according to customer production plans.

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